• Rejuvenating Hair from Roots to Tips

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Hair Care So Clean


Uncompromising in Quality

With a medley of high quality natural and organic ingredients, moisturised, healthy lusious hair is no longer an impossible dream. Get to experience hydrated, nourished healthy hair that is prone to growth.

It's never been easier with Nilotiqa.

"After contemplating for months whether to go natural or not I watched a couple of YouTube videos on natural hair and realized that @nilotiqa products had the best results and reviews well transitioning became easier.

This is my hair after a year of using some of the products"


"my daughter after seeing how my hairline was bad plugged me to Nilotiqa and now my entire family is plugged"


"Most of my followers recommended your products when i asked for help with my hair. Tried it have seen a major difference. Thank you to you too for recommending to try products too"


"Clara from Mmuja Salon in Parkhurst!!! I was so shook when she started detangling my hair with Nilotqa, easier than I’d ever done at home"


"After transitioning my hair was so thick and hard to maintain. Wash days were the worst and left me in so much pain but @DalitsoChandi introduced me to your products which left my hair healthy and easier to maintain"


Nilotiqa Gifts

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