Abos's week 2: The pre-poo & co-wash experience

If you missed it, Abo met Nilotiqa last week. This is what she thought. This week she shares her pre-poo & co-wash experience with Nilotiqa Products.

"This week I will tell you about my first Pre-poo and Co-wash experience. Big terms? Let’s not worry about that for now.

After my first experience with Nilotiqa’s Nourishing and Scalp Oil and Deep Moisture Hair Butter, I decided to unplait my hair so I could use the rest of the products.

My hair was in such a state. It’s been 2 months since I have relaxed it. It was dry, it was breaking, it was terrible.. a true resemblance of what Xhosa people describe as “iinwele ezi frasti”, direct translation - “frustrated hair”.

My next option was for me to wash it as it was getting me frustrated. I soaked it in lukewarm water for a few minutes and eventually washed it but without any shampoo or soap.. in more simpler terms, I rinsed it, just thoroughly.

I used a towel to dampen it, gentle, as I didn’t want to break it any further. I sectioned it into four parts, applied Nilotiqa’s Replenishing Conditioner thoroughly on each section and left it there for about 15 – 20 minutes. The feeling was a refreshing one, as I could feel the pauses of my head opening up feeling the fresh air piercing through.

I eventually rinsed it off. It came off easily and nicely. There was no sticky residue left afterwards. Notice this; during both times that I have washed my hair I did not use a shampoo.

Maybe now is a good time to define the big terms mentioned above; a pre-poo (short for preshampoo treatment) is defined as a treatment done on hair prior shampooing.. which is what I was doing with the conditioner initially. But then again I thought, let me skip shampooing altogether and stick with just using the conditioner. Which is what “Co-wash” is; “conditioner only washing”. This is due to the fact that shampoos sometimes damage hair and mine was already breaking, so I couldn’t risk more damage.

After that I sectioned my hair into four parts again and applied Nolitiqa’s detangling cream. The hair had so much knots on it, I had no hope of detangling that without any comb and any pain. But I detangled each section using my fingers. The cream did wonders. It dried out in the process as I was so slow. So I couldn’t use the flexi rods that I had planned to use to curl it. I was left with hair with 2 textures; growth until half way and relaxed on top. I decided to rock a doek the following day at work until I could figure out a way to unite the hair.

And so I did. I decided to wet my hair and used perm rods to curl it up, using Nilotiqa’s Replenishing Conditioner as a live in. It looked amazing. I looked Amazing. I used the “pineapple” method to doek it up at night and Nilotiqa’s Nourishing Oil to shine it up, it lasted for a couple of days.

I have been with Nilotiqa for about a week now and my hair is so healthier and so rich.

Follow the progress, learn more about protective styling and the amazing Nilotiqa products.

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Wow! Abo doing so much more with the products!

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