Nikita's week 2: The pre-poo and co-wash experience

If you missed it, Nikita met Nilotiqa last week. Read up on what she thought. This week she shares her pre-poo & co-wash experience with Nilotiqa Products.
"So for this weeks brief we were asked to share our experience washing our relaxed hair and whether we pre-poo and co-wash our hair.  Eish, it seems I'll have a short one this week as I have never pre-pooed my hair because I figure that since I use a sulfate free shampoo I don't need to worry about moisture being stripped from my hair completely.  I will do more research about the benefits of pre-pooing and maybe one day the process will  be included in my regimen. 
 I love a good clean head so the idea of co-washing is one that took me a while to get used to.  Currently my regimen is a full wash day with deep condition every other weekend and I co-wash once midweek and again over the weekends when I don't do a full wash.  That is A LOT of conditioner!  
Before using the Nilotiqa products I used the ORS Replenishing Conditioner for my co-wash and the Organics Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise for deep conditioning.  I have since replaced the ORS Conditioner with the Nilotiqa Replenishing Conditioner.  The Nilotiqa Conditioner smells amazing, it's so fresh but still get a whiff of the coconut.  I checked the Nilotiqa website and saw that the scent is "Apple herb"....That's definitely why it smells so great!!! 
Once I've co-washed I use the Nilotiqa Detangling Cream and I must say that it works very well because the comb I use slides through quite easily when I partition my hair for moisturizing and sealing.  I still have no idea how to style my hair so when I'm going out I cover my damp co-washed hair with either a head wrap #NubianQueenVibes or throw my wig on.  When I'm staying in I just let that hair air dry."
The contraversial conversation around co-washing needs more exploring. Nilotiqa will share their thoughts soon. What are your thought?
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